Thursday, October 1, 2009

to my father

Last Sunday, was a year already since my father passed away. Time is a mystery to me; where does it go?
There was a mass in his name and then the church held its annual fundraiser, the Thuya show. It is a musical that covers the 50s to the 90s' songs. What a great way to spend that day; people who lived in our tiny town years ago come back for this event and we sing, we dance and get reaquainted with old friends and neighbours.
My first year without my father has seen me very okay with his passing; he had such a special life and illnesses were taking a huge toll on him. But I really miss our conversations. I could talk to the man just about anything. He would listen without judging, he would never offer that kind of small talk that pretends problems don't exist or waive it as nonexistent. Once in a while, he would offer an encouraging comment. He would not try to magically solve things for me. He would simply listen and let me process thoughts and feelings through...
I miss you, dear man.
During that day, we found out that Beth, a friend of ours who was battling cancer, passed away in the morning. It kind of comforted me to know that my father was there for her...
Love you dad...

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